Time and attendance system

The terminal records various events (arrival, departure, lunch,…) and their exact timing. The terminal predicts the next logical event and the chosen events are marked with different colours (green – chosen event, blue – last chosen event, red – wrongly chosen event).

TIK2 time and attendance terminal is our newest electronic system for working time registration. Employee registration is possible with PIN code, RFID card or finger print.

Small TIK2 time and attendance terminal
time and attendance

Worktime calculation

The terminal is accompanied by an administration program for the calculation of working time. We enter the employees’ data into the program, set personal, collective or general schedules and settings for salary calculation. It allows simultaneous overview of working time by day, month or longer period and constant insight into employees’ presence. It is simple to edit, erase or change events in case the employees forgot to register. The data can be exported into Excel file or directly into salary calculation program.

Additional modules

The additional Saldo module allows the transfer of working hours and days of annual leave from month to month. Meta module allows employees to enter reservation of annual leave and full-day absences (sick leave, field work,…) on the terminal. With Projects module we have overview of working time spent on different projects. Employees have access to their working time data with the Personal administration. 

Days of leave reservation on TIK2 time and attendance terminal

Additional functions

Apart from time and attendance management, the electronic terminal provides solution for access control. Employee registration is also possible on computer application. The time and attendance system is made entirely by Epiko d.o.o. (Made in Slovenia). In case you have a specific calculation of working hours, specific changes of the program are possible.

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