Company Epiko d.o.o. was founded in 2006. The company’s primary focus is on research and development in the field of embedded systems. Our services were initially oriented towards well-known customers, mainly from abroad. These were soon joined by domestic customers, chiefly companies that needed fast and quality solutions for familiar products.

We used our experience and knowledge to launch our own product, an electronic system for working time registration – TIK terminal. The terminal is developed and produced entirely by our company, Epiko d.o.o.

Apart from control over working time, the electronic terminal provides solutions for access control, insight into the current presence of employees and overview of working time on different projects. Efficient human resources management is crucial for every company’s success.

Time is valuable, let’s use it wisely!

With TIK we endeavour to change the prevailing view that registration terminals are devices made to interfere with employees’ privacy. TIK is a modern information system for simple and efficient control of working time.

The Registration terminal market is practically limitless, since these products are required by every company, regardless of its size. Time registration systems are expected to be highly functional, flexible and comprehensive in terms of simple use and management of working time. The main factor of market success in our sector is the ratio between the added value of the product when compared with the existing systems for working time control and the price.

Trends in this sector are moving in the direction of network solutions, multi-user systems, attractive design, simple installation and simple use. Biometric systems offer almost unlimited strategic opportunities as biometrics offers a high level of security on the one hand, and simple use on the other hand. Use of biometrics can be locally limited by legal requirements for personal data protection.

Our visions and goals

  • To be a successful domestic developer, manufacturer and supplier of hardware and software solutions for working time registration and access control based on contactless RFID technology and biometrics.
  • Upgrading our system for working time control spent on different projects and its integration into existing ERP systems for comprehensive project management.
  • Expansion onto foreign markets through local system integrators.
  • Company’s growth into a modern enterprise with its own sales, marketing, development, production and customer support.

Basic information

Full company name: Epiko, Elektronski Sistemi d.o.o.
Short company name: Epiko d.o.o.
Director: Aljoša Kosor
Business address: Leskoškova 11, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenija
Tax number: SI60406925
Registration number: 2211637000
Share capital: 9000 €
IBAN: SI56 0201 0025 5806 038 (Nova LB Ljubljana)
Taxable person: Yes

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