Wireless voting system Elektor

Elektor is our newest voting system.

20 years of experience

We developed the fourth generation of wireless voting system based on our knowledge and 20 years of experience. Our guide for the new product design was operating reliability and speed, possibility of connecting large number of devices, operating on battery and device compactness.

Suitable for different events

Elektor is suitable for fast, easy and reliable collection of electoral votes at assemblies, meetings, congresses, committees, events, presentations, seminars, competitions, festivals.

Two possible regimes

Elektor provides wireless voting to an unlimited number of voters. Voting is possible on scale from 1 to 10 and with votes ‘yes’, ‘no’ and ‘skip’. System collects, analyses and displays the outcome of the vote in Excel table right after the last vote is submitted.

User friendly

Software is installed on the PC, and the control receiver-transmitter is connected via USB interface. Screen / LED diode of the voting device lights up to inform voters about the beginning of the vote. The user presses the selected button and the vote is submitted. The results are exported directly to an Excel spreadsheet.

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Elektor is a product of our knowledge, developed and produced in Slovenia.
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