TIK Terminal – Time and attendance system

TIK Terminal is a simple time and attendance terminal. It records various events and exact timing of these events. With additional modules it becomes a complete system for the management of working time.

The TIK Terminal can be attached to a wall or simply set on a table. The electronic terminal is equipped with an RFID reader and/or fingerprint reader and provides registration of working hours and access control. It is an effective tool for the overview of working time on different projects.

The terminal records each arrival, departure, lunch breaks, business exits,… It displays the data of monthly attendance of each employee, state of days of annual leave and controls access to the premises. With additional modules it becomes an indispensable tool for every human resources department.

Our electronic devices are manageable by touch, because it is fast, simple and user-friendly. The fingerprint reader incorporated in the TIK Terminal enables simple access and identification and was produced by the well-established company Ekey. Managing the terminal is possible by using a touch-sensitive colour LCD display, produced by the well-established company Hitachi Europe Ltd.

TIK terminal
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