Additional functions

Registration on computer

Registration on computer is possible with installing a TIK PC application. Clicking the application opens the same display as on the terminal. Employee chooses name, enters PIN code and selects event. Application is suitable for companies with more entrances or locations.

Electronic door opening

Electronic door opening is possible with using TIKon module. Employee registration on the terminal enables electronic door opening. It allows access control and entrance for employees only.

Personal administration

Employee can enter the administration program with his user name and password. The employee can access only his data. Depending on the permission the empployee can view or edit his data. All the changes are marked and administrator has overview on all the changes made by employee.

Export calculation data

Monthly calculation data can be exported into Excel file or directly into program for salary calculation. The working hours data is sent directly to your accounting. Saves valuable time at monthly calculation of working hours.

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