Time and attendance terminal TIK2

Big and small TIK2 terminal

TIK2 terminal comes  in two various colour combinations and sizes. Apart from the size, the only difference between the small and the large TIK2 units, is the addition of a fingerprint reader in the large version. Hardware and user interface are the same in both versions.

TIK2 functions:

  • Registration with PIN code, RFID card or fingerprint.
  • Setting personal, collective or general schedules, adjusted to each department.
Big TIK2 time and attendance terminal with fingerprint reader
Small TIK2 time and attendance terminal

TIK2 Functions

  • Setting working time events (arrival, departure, lunch, private exit, …).
  • Insight into the current presence of employees.
  • The terminal predicts the next logical event and detects incorrect and missing events.
  • After entering the last event of the day, the terminal displays working hours of the current day, time of lunch, overtime or shortage of hours.
  • Setting different screensavers – you can choose between displaying a website, a product presentation or information for employees (daily menu, messages and notifications).


Big TIKSmall TIK
Dimensions (mm)165 x 225 x 48135 x 190 x 47
7″ LCD touch screenYesYes
NFC readerYesYes
Fingerprint readerYesNo
Ethernet portYesYes
Processor 1GHz Freescale i.MX53YesYes
Operating system Linux® OSYesYes

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