Wireless voting

ELEKTOR is an wireless voting system that allows fast, easy and reliable collection of electoral votes. Elektor is useful at all types of business, social or sporting events. Tallying up is often a time-consuming and error-prone task. Elektor makes the course of voting and the display of result easier and faster. 

The Elektor system is suitable for use at companies’ general meetings, shareholders’ meetings, congresses, committees, events, presentations, seminars, competitions, festivals or educational activities (school, university etc.). Elektor gathers a large number of votes or scores in a short time and display the outcome of the vote. Voting can be anonymous if needed. Unlimited number od voters can vote in two different manners – on scale from 1-10 or with votes yes/no/abstain. 

The Elektor system consists of a wireless device and a transceiver, connected to the central server (PC). The server is running the software for collection, display, export and processing of electoral votes. The program allows control and overview of the voting process itself.

The Epiko company has more that 20 years of experience in this field. Now the fourth generation of Elektor system is available to rent or purchase.

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