Electronics development

Epiko company’s primary focus is on research and development of electronics in the field of embedded systems. Our services were initially oriented towards well-known customers, mainly from abroad, but soon we took interest in developing our own products. 
If you have an idea for a product, we can find a solution together!

Piezo motors controlling

ANC300 is a combined controller for the stepping and scanning control of piezo motors, which are used for coarse and fine positioning of the microscope head or scaffolding in nano microscopy research . The controller is a part of controller series (ANC150, ANC200), developed by our company and supplied to the high-tech company “AttoCube Systems AG” from Munich.

Informatization of technical inspections

We are developing, producing, maintaining and updating software and hardware for managing technical inspections. On this field, we cooperate with foreign and domestic companies.

Our own products

Soon we took interest in developing our own products – we used our experience and knowledge to launch an electronic system for working time registration – TIK terminal, which was replaced by second version in 2015 – TIK2 terminal. Another product is wireless voting system Elektor – now the 4th generation of this device is available.

Foto: Mag-Lev Audio

The first levitating gramophone – MAG-LEV Audio

In the last year we cooperated in a successful Kick starter project – electronics development for first levitating gramophone by MAG-LEV AUDIO company. Read more about this project here.

Welltiss device development

In cooperation with Welltiss company we developed a device that helps users relief pain and heal, regenerate and revitalize the body. The device works on the pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) technology, and is installed on the affected area. We developed device hardware and software that enables bluetooth connection to the phone application. 

Software for running old-timer circle races

We developed software for running old-timer circle races. Our program allows control over multiple competitors on the route at the same time, calculates deviations and gives the final result after last performance.

Every new idea is a challenge for us. Do you have an idea for a product, with lack of knowledge in software and hardware? We will find a solution together.

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